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The Difference Between a Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon

        Many people we hear from confuse the roles of dermatologist and plastic surgeons and kind of fuse them into one category. This couldn’t be further from the reality of it. These two professions differ on a few major levels in their overall professional field. In the body of the following paragraphs read about what these factors art that differentiate the two and what would be the best suited for your needs. We ask our friends at Dermatologist Edinburg Tx to lead us in the right direction with this article. You can visit their page by following the link in the previous sentence.

cosmetic dermatology

The Main Role of a Dermatologist

          Dermatologist surround their entire practice around the health and well-being of the skin. You see what I said there? The overall health of the patients skin. According to, a leading dermatology clinic in Mcallen, Texas, “A dermatology clinic’s main focus evolves around health and well-being and then branches out into secondary motives of beauty and aesthetics. When doing cosmetic dermatology we first look at how we can improve the aesthetics of your face while still keeping the natural look of the face. We look at different measures you can take to improve the healthiness of the skin.” Having healthy skin results in a shinier, more luscious, looking complexion that, when coupled, with different cosmetic dermatological surgeries, makes an overall improvement to the look of the patient without sacrificing health.


The Main Role of a Plastic Surgeon

          Plastic surgeons primary focus is on repairing defects to better reconstruct a normal function & appearance of the applied to area. This means that if someone is dissatisfied with their appearance then they go to a plastic surgeon who will assist in modifying different features to give the patient their desired look. This does not always factor in the health concerns of the patient for their desired result usually trumps the health benefits.

         So to sum it all up, cosmetic dermatology is about altering the physical appearance of the skin and facial features without sacrificing any health concerns to get the desired result, while plastic surgery is about modifying the disliked portion of the face to get a desired result. The latter usually doesn’t factor in health concerns into their overall equation. So we definately would suggest cosmetic dermatology over plastic surgery. Have a look at for a full list of cosmetic dermatology clinics in the South Texas area.’s 4 Best Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Healthy Skin

1. Shield yourself from the sun

A standout amongst the most vital approaches to deal with your skin is to shield it from the sun. A lifetime of sun presentation can bring about wrinkles, age spots and other skin issues — and in addition build the danger of skin growth.

For the most finish sun assurance:

Use sunscreen. Utilize an expansive range sunscreen with a SPF of no less than 15. Apply sunscreen liberally, and reapply at regular intervals — or all the more frequently in case you’re swimming or sweating.

Look for shade. Maintain a strategic distance from the sun between 10 a.m. what’s more, 2 p.m., when the sun’s beams are most grounded.

Wear defensive garments. Spread your skin with firmly woven since quite a while ago sleeved shirts, long jeans and wide-overflowed caps. Likewise consider clothing added substances, which give attire an extra layer of bright assurance for a sure number of washings, or uncommon sun-defensive apparel — which is particularly intended to square bright beams.

2. Try not to smoke

Smoking makes your skin look more established and adds to wrinkles. Smoking limits the little veins in the peripheral layers of skin, which reductions blood stream. This drains the skin of oxygen and supplements that are vital to skin wellbeing.

Smoking additionally harms collagen and elastin — the strands that give your skin quality and flexibility. Moreover, the redundant outward appearances you make when smoking —, for example, tightening your lips while breathing in and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke — can add to wrinkles.

On the off chance that you smoke, the most ideal approach to secure your skin is to stop. Approach your specialist for tips or medicines to offer you some assistance with stop.

Healthy Skin

3. Treat your skin tenderly

Every day purifying and shaving can take a toll on your skin. To keep it delicate:

Breaking point shower time. Boiling point water and long gives or showers expel oils from your skin. Limit your shower or shower time, and utilize warm — as opposed to hot — water.

Stay away from solid cleansers. Solid cleansers and cleansers can strip oil from your skin. Rather, pick mellow chemicals.

Shave deliberately. To ensure and grease up your skin, apply shaving cream, moisturizer or gel before shaving. For the nearest shave, utilize a perfect, sharp razor. Shave in the heading the hair develops, not against it.

Pat dry. Subsequent to washing or showering, delicately pat or smudge your skin dry with a towel so that some dampness stays on your skin.

Saturate dry skin. On the off chance that your skin is dry, utilize a lotion that fits your skin sort. For day by day use, consider a lotion that contains SPF.

4. Eat a solid eating regimen

A solid eating regimen can offer you some assistance with looking and feel your best. Eat a lot of natural products, vegetables, entire grains and incline proteins. The relationship in the middle of eating regimen and skin break out isn’t clear — however some examination proposes that an eating regimen rich in vitamin C and low in unfortunate fats and handled or refined starches may advance more youthful looking

The Changing Landscape of the Practice of Dermatology

Landscaping and Protecting Your Skin

           The dermatology practice today is nothing like it has been in the past. The change in landscape of how dermatologists conduct their practices has evolved rapidly since the early 90’s. Everything in the industry has changed in some drastic form or another. This has to do not only with the rapid growth of technology in the past decade or so but also in a changing ideology. Specifically we are going to talk about how this has affected a certain niche in the world; landscaping and gardeners. We’re going to discuss this further in the following paragraphs.

The Change in Awareness Amongst People Working Outdoors

The information we now have that is relatively new over the past decade or so has completely changed and heightened our awareness of many of the dangers that natural elements such as the sun have on our lives. For example people in the landscaping industry have always worn protection from the sun as a means to protect their skin from getting sun burnt. However, according to, this new awareness of the danger of the sun has shifted peoples perspective to one of highly valuing preventative measures to protect themselves against the elements. Founder and CEO of Central Tx Landscaping, Frank Kern, says “A few people in my family have gotten skin cancer over the past several years. After doing research on the subject and listening to what dermatologist have to say, I have made it a requirement for all of my landscaping team to take preventative measures to protect themselves from the sun, since we are working in the outdoors all day with the Texas sun.” This is a very important subject for people who spend a large amount of their time outdoors, either working or playing sports.

So What Are Some Preventative Steps for Protection Against the Sun?

As people all know it is extremely important to wear sunscreen, especially in the summer or during the hours of 12 PM to 4 PM of the day. What people don’t talk about enough though is the importance of the type of sunscreen you use and how you are supposed to apply it. We’ll discuss this in another article but briefly we’ll say that SPF 35 and above sunscreen is the best to use, and we highly suggest using Neutrogena products. This sunscreen should be gently applied to your skin 15 minutes before exposure to the sun and should be reapplied every 1 hour or so. Another thing Landscaping workers or people spending a majority of their day in the brutal sun should do is to make sure that they are drinking tons of water. People underestimate this but their is dermatologist tested science behind this. If your skin is moisturized and your body is receiving lots of water and staying hydrated then your chances of drying your skin out go down drastically which in turn brings down your chances of skin damage dramatically.

         So not only is protecting your skin important for landscaping workers but also for anybody working outside in the elements all day. Take the preventative measures to protecting your body and your skin and you will surely live a longer and healthier life.
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Picking a Dermatologist in Corpus Christi, Texas

Picking a Dermatologist in Corpus Christi, Tx

There are many dermatologist in Corpus Christi, Texas but none as effective and as experienced as the ones below. They have extensive experience dealing with skin cancer problems where the professional doctors offer their knowledge of treating the disease. They also diagnose other skin problems and perform skin surgeries only when necessary. They ease the healing of patients because they apply all their techniques on how to treat the disease.
Dermatologist Review for Corpus Christi Texas

About Dermatologist Corpus Christi

The clinic in based in Corpus Christi and was started in 1973 to help maintain healthy skin for the community. The clinic has treated various skin diseases, including a very dangerous disease known as skin cancer which can at times cause death. Of these skin cancers Melanoma is the most common and is fatal for almost 10,000 people annually in the United States. This invasive cancer is usually caused by the UV rays from the sun effecting the skin and is most commonly apparent through moles and other irregular marks on the skin.

The Specifics

The dermatologists at Corpus Christi Dermatologist operate from Monday to Thursday from 8.15 a.m. to 5 p.m. but from 8.15 a.m. to 2 p.m. only on Friday. If you are looking for a dermatologist in Victoria Tx, they also have a clinic located there which has the same hours of operation and the same dermatological philosophies.

The clinic uses various means of payments which include; Visa, MasterCard, Express, Discover and Most Insurance plans. The clinic has got a certificate of Board-Certified and Licensed Dermatologist. The clinic is locally owned since 1973 and its specialists are highly reliable because they have gone through thorough training. They specialize on diagnosing skin cancer and other various skin diseases. However, other popular services from them include laser hair removal.